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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Townsville, North Queensland before the cyclone

Townsville in North Queensland didn't bear the brunt of Cyclone Yasi, but it was pummelled badly with rain and gale-force winds for days. These are photos I took of Townsville on a recent trip before CycloneYasi blew in, destroying many towns north of Townsville.

Setting off sailing from one of the bays close to the city.

The Coffee Club on The Strand was newly-opened when we visited. The Strand was all but destroyed by high tides. It looks nothing like this now. See how close to the sea it is!

On Magnetic Island (Maggie) as the locals call it. An idyllic paradise which first felt the wrath of Cyclone Yasi.

On Maggie the locals are creative with their decorations. Lots of found art!

A view of one of the inlets on Maggie.

Yes, old fella, it was a hot day! Sorry to disturb your nap!

Back in Townsville, a view from Castle Hill over one of Townsville's beautiful bays.

Nothing like taking the dogs for a swim at the end of a hot day - and it's ALWAYS hot in Townsville.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

The cyclone was a real tragedy. I think of what Cairns looked like when we visited a few years ago and then I see the pictures now on TV, devastating. Diane

L'Aussie said...

Diane, yes, how tragic it has been for Australia, particularly Queensland, lately. Now we have floods in Victoria and bushfires in Perth.


Redruby said...

all of these are esp. the second to the image! thanks for the visit..wish to visit Australia in the future! me and my blogs are also following you now.
feel free to visit my other travel blogs.
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L'Aussie said...

Redruby: Thanks for visiting and enjoying the images. I hope you get over here soon, but not in summer or we may surprise you with floods, cyclones or bushfires!

I will indeed visit your other blogs.