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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More of wonderful Morocco - climbing sand dunes in the Sahara Desert at sunset.

Riding the dunes up to the highest point in the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

On top of the Sahara Desert with my 2 Berber guides, looking over to Algeria.

Off the camel, time to don Berber dress for the sunset viewing.

Gorgeous view, huh?

Caught in sunset's glow.

A Berber semi-nomadic camp in the Sahara Desert.

No one would argue that we didn't need our bed that night!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Morocco! The Sahara Desert, the Berber tribes and Casablanca.

Sitting on the highest sand dune in the Sahara after riding camels through the dunes to see the sunset. 

Monsieur Aussie thought he was Lawrence of Arabia while we were in Morocco.

Stopping to talk to semi-nomadic Berbers in the desert was pretty special. They showed us through their tents where they live for 6 months with their animals, then they move elsewhere in winter.

We were fascinated by the oases all along the valleys. Morocco is 70% desert and most of the desert is rocky and shaly rather than sandy.

Inside the Berber tent with a new mother. The tents are lined with berber carpets of course.

More of the Sahara Desert, the Draa Valley Oasis

This is the scenery you'll see for kilometres as you drive through the Sahara Desert. The towns blend in with the red soil/sand while some of the oases go for 80 miles.

The old colonial broken down buildings from French times fascinated me. They are all over Casablanca.

I hope you enjoyed these photos of Morocco. Of course there's plenty more, but this just gives you an idea if you haven't been there. Beg if you want to see more! I have some great medina shots but I haven't downloaded them yet. Maybe I'll do another post if there's any interest in this one. I think I wouldn't mind going again now I know what to expect.