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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

A short trip through Kakadu.

When we were in Darwin for a wedding, we took a day trip to the Kakadu National Park. It has been developed a lot since I was last there like 30 years ago! Good roads, good tourist info, and especially good Aboriginal tours now available. Our trip up the Yellow River had a wonderful commentary. The sights were awesome. I'll share some with you.

Aboriginal Rock Art

The caves where the rock art is found

Wildlife watching on the Yellow River. The guides are aboriginal and it's an aboriginal-owned company.

Jabiru in the wetlands

Brave bloom in the wilderness

Aren't the little ducks cute?

Part of the Yellow River wetlands

Jaiburu, the NT's national bird, is everywhere.

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Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Love these photos and the tour around Darwin. The best I have seen is the airport so it was interesting to go further afield. Diane

Boonie S said...

The aboriginal artwork certainly stirs the imagination. Great photos. Lovely post. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonie

L'Aussie said...

Diane: Glad you enjoyed it..:)

Boonie: Thanks to you for visiting..:)

La Petite Gallery said...

Denise, I just got an e-mail about Kevin Rudd and I am wondering if it is true. He sounds like a tell it like it is guy, From what I read he should
come tell our Pres. how to clean up our big money mess.
Your post is beautiful.